A resource guide for the scholar of greater Himalayan and Mongolian Buddhist art and culture:
Himalayan / Asian Art and Cultural Studies

Amnye Machen Institute (AMI)
This Center for Advanced Tibetan Studies is directed at informing and raising the cultural and intellectual awareness of the Tibetan people, both in Tibet and in exile. AMI is making available and accessible to the Tibetan people the rich heritage of literature, culture and scientific knowledge of the world.

Canada Tibet Committee
Formed in 1987 to act as a unified voice for Tibetans and Canadians to increase awareness of Tibet within Canada and the world and to advocate for peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Government of Tibet in Exile (London)
This site is maintained and updated by The Office of Tibet, the official agency of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in London and is the official site of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

Institute for Tibetan Classics
The Institute of Tibetan Classics / Institut des Classiques Tibétain is is dedicated to preserve and promote the study of Tibet's rich intellectual, spiritual and artistic heritage and to make classical Tibetan thought and culture a truly global heritage, its spiritual and intellectual resources open to all.

The International Institute for Asian Studies
The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is a postdoctoral research centre based in Leiden and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main objective is to encourage the interdisciplinary and comparative study of Asia and to promote national and international cooperation in the field. The institute focuses on the human and social sciences and on their interaction with other sciences.

The Jane Carnegie Oriental Art Library
East Asia is the main focus, although there are books covering aspects of Oriental art and culture from the Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia. A significant proportion of the books are in English, although there is a spread of 11 other languages with a concentration on Chinese and Japanese.

Journal of Global Buddhism
The online Journal of Global Buddhism is a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes articles and reviews on Buddhism's globalization and transcontinental interrelatedness as well as on the state of affairs of Buddhism in specific countries.

Joshua Project 2000-Christian Missionary Activities in Mongolia and Tibet
The Joshua Project team desires to "demonstrate and spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ." (from Desiring God Ministries) and serve the Christian missions community and the least-reached peoples in any way possible.

Kham Aid Foundation, California
The Kham Aid Foundation was founded in 1997 by Pamela Logan to support conservation of Tibet's architecture and art.

Ligmincha Institute
Ligmincha Institute, founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in 1992, was created to preserve the Tibetan Bon culture and teachings, especially the practices of dzogchen.

Maps and Images of Tibet
Edited by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek The purpose of this document is to provide central access point to online maps and graphics depicting Tibet and Tibetan culture. The document is a part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and of the Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library.


Newsletter with a focus on Mongolian art and culture from hundreds of sources across the web. Current events and a news archive going back as far as 2001.

A site in appreciation of Mongolia, Mongolian culture and Mongolian history, which has been shaped by the powerful dynamics of an extreme climate, the Mongol peoples nomadic tribal heritage, their ability to adapt, and the vision of Genghis Khan.

Norbulingka Institute
The Norbulingka Institute is a registered trust under the Chairmanship of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It was founded in 1988 by the Department of Religion and Culture of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) in an effort to promote and preserve Tibetan culture in exile.

Tibet Heritage Fund & The Lhasa Archive Project
The Tibet Heritage Fund (THF) has worked to preserve and renovate historic buildings in Lhasa and is dedicated to the protection of the inner city as a living historic area; preserving knowledge of traditional architecture; protection of Tibetan art ; upgrading the living conditions in the historic inner city; running an environmental health program, and local community involvement in rehabilitation and maintenance projects.

Tibet Map Institute
Detailed maps covering Central and Southern Tibet

Tibet University
Lhasa, Tibet — Offering courses in Tibetan language and culture to foreign students.

Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York
Sotheby's Institute of Art — New York offers a graduate-level certificate program designed for students of diverse ages and backgrounds who are interested in a career in the arts. An accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design since 1989, we emphasize connoisseurship, academic discipline, practical experience and exposure to the inner workings of the art markets.

Sotheby's Institute of Art, London
Sotheby's Institute of Art – London is among the world's leading institutions offering MA and PhD degrees, specialised courses and study abroad programmes in art scholarship, connoisseurship and art business. Students explore both the scholarly and practical sides of the art world to gain the skills and professional network necessary for a successful career.

Links to a variety of materials about Zen including essays, Zen teachings by various teachers, book reviews of Zen books, and links to interesting Zen sites.

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