A comprehensive guide to fine art dealers with galleries offering Buddhist artifacts from the greater Himalayan region and Mongolia:
Himalayan, Asian Art Dealers / Galleries — USA


Vigraha Gallery

Sacred antique art from India and Asia, including fine Hindu and Buddhist antiquities, at Vigraha.


Asia Galleries
For over 20 years Asia Galleries has provided authentic Buddhist Artifacts and other Asian antiques to museums, Antique shops and collecters.

The Barakat Gallery
The Barakat Gallery is a fifth generation family owned and operated business, founded in Jerusalem over 100 years ago.

Mark A. Johnson
Asian and Tribal Art from throughout many areas of Asia.

Asian antiques, art, furnishings and garden sculpture from China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia.

The Zentner Collection
Dealer of Asian antiques for more than 25 years with a special emphasis on fine furniture and works of art.


Sri Asian & Primitive Art
Sri Asian and Primitive Arts has been collecting and offering for sale beautiful and rare objects from Asia for more than 30 years. Main interests are in high quality Masks, Sculptures, Ritual Objects, Furniture, Textiles and Jewelry.


Silk Road Gallery
Concentration of Buddhist art occurred naturally over the several decades this collection was assembled, reflecting the pervasive influence of Buddhism on Asian art in general.


Ancient East
Travels extensively to China, Japan and Europe seeking the fine Asian art & antiques.


Since 1978, offers fine quality works of art and decorative pieces from China, Japan, and Korea.


Alberts-Langdon, Inc
Selections of Tibetan, Indian, and S.E. Asian works of art with a special interest in very fine Annamese ceramics.


Miriam M. Jaberg Oriental Art
Works of art and furnishings from the Far East—for home and office.

New Mexico

Scott S. Gordon Asian Arts
Offers a variety of exceptional pieces of Buddhist and Himalayan fine art antiques and has sold to many of the world's leading art institutions.

Traders of the Lost Arts
Himalayan ethnographic art that reflects their search for "lost arts," including antique textiles, tribal jewelry, Buddhist ritual objects & photography.

Peaceful Wind

Features the Art of the Himalayas, India and Southeast Asia in their on-line gallery pages, posted on Asianart.com since March 17 1995.

New York

Alberto Manuel Cheung
After a seven year tenure with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Conservation Department in New York City, he opened his first gallery to the public.

Arnold H. Lieberman Greathere, Ltd.
Specializes in Hindu and Buddhist arts of the 2nd century B.C.E. through the 19th century C.E., from ancient Afghanistan to imperial China, with a strong emphasis on India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Art of the Past
Subhash Kapoor, president and founder of Art of the Past, Inc., has been dealing in fine antquities from India, Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia on Madison Avenue since 1976.

Asian Rare Art
Shirley Day has had a career dealing in Asian Sculpture and Works of Art since 1967 and her gallery, located in the St. James's area of Jermyn Street, London, was a well-known meeting venue for approximately 25 years.

Carlton Rochell Ltd
The gallery specializes in sculpture, paintings and decorative arts from India, Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia prior to 1850.

China Gallery
Dedicated to offer a distinctive selection of the finest Chinese antiquities. From the Neolithic Period to the Early Qing Dynasty, China Gallery seeks to provide collectors with artifacts of the highest caliber and refinement.

33 Dynasties
Particular areas of interest lie in Sung Ceramics, Buddhist Sculpture and Scholar's Objects, which are perhaps the fields most strongly represented in the 33dynasties.com catalog.

E&J Frankel Ltd
E&J Frankel, Ltd. is one of the oldest galleries in the United States specializing in Asian Art from countries and regions including China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Mongolia and Nepal.

Eleanor Abraham
Eleanor Abraham is a dealer who has specialized in Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian stone and bronze sculpture since 1980.

Inside Studios
Fine and Affordable Asian and African Art and Antiques.

Joseph G. Gerena Fine Art
A private gallery specializing in Fine Ancient, Tribal, and Asian art and artefacts. Mr. Gerena has over 31years experience in these three fields.

Kapoor Galleries Inc.
Kapoor Galleries is a private gallery of Indian and Himalayan Arts.

Specializes in 17th-19th century Ming-style furniture made of both hard and soft woods, also has a collection of large early Buddhist sculptures.

L'Asie Exotique
Dedicated to objects of beauty intended for the indigenous cultures in which they were made. They offer works of art that were considered important as items of use and ritual.

Littleton & Hennessy
Provides fine art services to collectors, institutions and museums. Provides acquisition and consulting services in the field of Asian art.

The Manhattan Art and Antiques Center.
Our over 100 galleries represent every category of art and antiquities.

Michael Cohn Gallery
Dr. Michael Cohn has over twenty-five years of experience with Asian antiquities and art objects. He refined and expanded his skills through both formal and informal training, and has amassed an exceptional private collection.

Phantastic Finds • TMMS Featured Gallery:

Moke Mokotoff
Though the gallery has a specialized interest in the art of Tibet it also exhibit museum quality Central Asian, Islamic, Nepalese and Indian material as well as a large selection of Chinese robes and textiles.

Fortune Comes to a Prepared Mind
The story of my discovery of the Yuan dynasty embroider 'Welcoming spring' from the imperial collection begins a t a small sale at Christie's East in New York in 1980, where I came across a copy of the multi-volumed catalogue Tapestry and Embroidery in the Collection of the National Palace Museum (Tokyo, 1970), valued at US$100 to US$150.

Nancy Wiener Gallery Inc.
Nancy Wiener has been an Asian art dealer for almost twenty years. The gallery specializes in museum quality antiquities from India, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.

Plum Blossoms
Museum quality early Chinese textiles. The galleries also feature fine Chinese porcelain and furniture, antique Tibetan furniture, carpets and silver and Sino-Tibetan sculpture.


Perry S. Prince, Asian Antiques
Carries architectural antiques, Southeast Asian, Asian art, Asian antiques, interior decorating, interior design, Asian folk art, salvage, Chinese antiques, Chinese architecture.


The China Coast Gallery
Collection of antique art includes ceramics, furniture, paintings, textiles, ivory, jade, screens and sculpture from China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and India.

Marco Polo Company
Exotic arts & crafts of China, Japan,India & Thailand.

— Australia


Au Lion Des Neiges
Established in 1979, in France for several years, and now in Sydney Australia, the gallery Marie-Françoise Fatton offers rare ritual and usual objects, spreading from Tibet and Nepal to Bhutan and Mongolia.

A gallery of religious sculptures and objects representing the cultural heritage of India, the Himalayan regions and Southeast Asia.

— Belgium


Marcel Nies
A gallery of religious sculptures and objects representing the cultural heritage of India, the Himalayan regions and Southeast Asia.

— Canada

Vancouver BC

Dorian Rae Collection
Asian & African Antiques and Art (Established 1978)

— France


Antiquités Valérie Levesque
Eclectic collection of antiques related to Asian spirituality: sculptures of buddhas and bodhisattvas in bronze, porcelain, ivory and wood, as well as religious accessories such as thanka, koro, vajra.

Art Tibet
A collection of Himalayan classical art in bronze, stone and wood. Ritual objects are also highlights of the collection.

Galerie Jacques Barrère

Jacques Barrère's main objective is the advancement of Far Eastern art with museums and collectors. It has then specialized in Chinese, Japanese, Gandhara, Indian and South East Asian.

— United Kingdom


Antique Chinese furniture, statues from Thailand, Burma and Cambodia, complemented by 17th to 19th C painted wooden Tibetan cabinets, chests and tables.


Anna Maria Rossi & Fabio Rossi
Anna Maria Rossi has been active in the field of Oriental Art for over 30 years. She founded Rossi & Rossi in London in 1985 and was joined by her son Fabio in 1988. Their gallery, mostly specialising in Himalayan art, is a regular stop for collectors, curators, scholars and dealers from all over the world.

A & J Speelman Ltd.
Chinese Sculpture and Buddhist Works of Art.

Asian Art Gallery
Buddhist Works of Art from China Japan, and Tibet. Christopher Bruckner, director of the gallery, has been involved in the fine arts of these regions for many years, as an expert for Koller Galleries in Zurich.

Jonathan Tucker and Antonia Tozer are a husband and wife team and were specialists with the trading house of Spink and Son in London.

The Barakat Gallery
Masterpieces of Asian Art from Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand and Tibet.

Ben Janssens Oriental Art
Oriental Art dealer in fine Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian works of art as well as vintage and contemporary photography.

Exhibitions on various aspects of early carpets and oriental art. Past exhibition includes five Buddhist figures ranging from the 6th century to the 13th century.

John Eskenazi
Indian, Gandharan, Himalayan and South East Asian art since 1977, John Eskenazi is recognised world-wide.

Michael and Henrietta Spink Ltd
Over 23 years of experience in the Asian art market, together with a long family tradition of taking a leading role in the London art market.

Nicholas S. Pitcher
Nick Pitcher was formerly a director of Christie’s and ran the Oriental Department at Christie’s South Kensington from 1976 to 1990.

Phoenix Oriental Art
Specialists in Chinese and Japanese Bronzes and Works of Art

Priestley & Ferraro
Buddhist sculpture and other Chinese works of art.

The Textile Gallery
Founded in 1972, presents antique textiles from a wide variety of cultures, while specialising in textile art from the Near East, Central Asia and the Far East.

Theresa McCullough Ltd
Theresa McCullough specialises in Indian and Southeast Asian works of art, predominantly sculpture, as well as Southeast Asian gold jewelry.

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