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The Tibetan Mongolian Museum Society • 4105 Duke Street, Suite 108, Alexandria, VA 22304, being organized as a 501(c)(4) non-profit association, for charitable, religious, and educational purposes,
including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code

Home Page — Asian Art Tibetan Mongolian Museum Society

Buddhist Arts and Culture
Asian arts and culture: Cover Story: Zanabazar, The First Bogd Gegen of Mongolia

Exhibitions of Buddhist Mongolian and Culture
Asian arts exhibitions of museums, private galleries and online exhibitions that foster an appreciation of Buddhist art and culture

Books: Mongolia and the Greater Himalayan Region
In association with Buddhist art and culture — books and publications

Cultural Studies Mongolian
Art and Culture of Mongolia and the Greater Himalayan Region

Travel Destinations
Asian Travel Destinations to points of interest and historical landmarks

Himalayan Art: Gift Shop & Fine Arts Gallery
Art from Tibet and Mongolia on Sale by the Tibetan Mongolian Museum Society

Gift Shop
Coming Soon!

Asian Art Gallery
Discover our Fine Asian Art Gallery

Bronze and Metal Casting:
18th C. Bronze Gilt — Amitayus, Tibetan Buddha of Longevity
18/19th C. Bronze Gilt — Vajrasattva, Six Armed Protective Deity

Charts (astro., med., etc.)
Protective Talisman — Tibetan Astrological Chart

Initiation Cards & Small Thangkas
Dragtsen — Bon Worldly Protector

The Green Tara — Tibetan Mandala Thangka

15/16th C. Tibetan Cover — Sculpted, Painted and Gilded
15/16th C. Tibetan Cover — Sculpted with Treatments of Red Pigment
15th C. Tibetan Cover — Sculpted
14/16th C. Tibet Woodwork Cover — Carved, Painted and Gilded

Paintings & Scrolls
Tibetan Thangka — Goddess of the Victorious White Parasol

Ritual Objects
Tibetan Ritual Headdress — Lama Crown

Tsa Tsa
Tibetan Tsa Tsa in Cooper Ritual Amulet Box

14/16th C. Tibet Woodwork Manuscript Cover — Carved, Painted and Gilded

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Himalayan Mongolian Online Exhibit with Bulletin Board

Blockprints and Plates
Bronze & Metal Casting
Charts (astro., med., etc.)
Initiation Cards
Paintings & Scrolls
Ritual Objects
Tsa Tsa

Himalayan Art Resource Guide

Art Appraisers
A resource guide to licensed, certified appraisers of fine art from Asia

Art Galleries
A comprehensive guide to fine art dealers with galleries offering Buddhist artifacts from the greater Himalayan Region and Mongolia

A guide to organizations that support study and appreciation of Buddhist art and culture

Auction Services

A guide to auction organizations offering consultation and consigned artifacts from Asia and the Greater Himalayan Region

Conservation and Repair
A resource guide to finer conservation and repair of Asian art

Cultural Studies
A resource guide for the scholar of greater Himalayan study

A guide to museum exhibits that display, and foster an appreciation of, Buddhist art and culture